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Diesel Nozzle

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  • Model Number :131151-2720 A43


Our products are widely used in the automotive industry,agricultural machinery and engineering machinery of more than 80-350HP,including diesel fuel injection systems;pump(A type,AD type,PB type,P7100 type);injector(S type, P type)and precise couples(nozzle,plunger delivery valve). All products are high precision automotive parts that conform to international standards as well as the emission standards of Europe I and Europe II. We are the sole supplier of diesel pumps for Dongfeng(Cummins China) Series engined and the sole supplier of diesel pumps for Weichai(Deutz China) 226B Series engines. For more details, pls kindly visit our web-site, and don't hesitate to contact us! 12v fuel pump;ac delco fuel pump;ac fuel pump;aeromotive fuel pump;alero fuel pump;alfa romeo;ambac;ambac international;audi a4 fuel pump;audi fuel pump;auto diesel parts;auto fuel pump;automotive fuel pump;barrel;bedford ;bedford 500;BEDFORD KIT;belts hoses;BMC 1500;BMC 4/98;BMW;bmw fuel pump;bmw idle control valve;bnc 1500;bosch;bosch delivery valve;bosch diesel fuel injection;bosch diesel fuel injection pump;bosch diesel fuel injection pumps;bosch fuel injection pump;bosch fuel pump;bosch hydraulic head;bosch idle control valve;bosch injection;bosch pump;bosch ve diesel injection pump;bosch ve diesel pump;bosch ve fuel injection pump;bosch ve fuel pump;bosch ve injection pump;bosch ve injector pump;bosch ve pump;bosch ve pump parts;broken cross disc;bryce;Cam Disk;cam disks;Cam Plate;Cam Plate ;cam plates;camaro fuel pump;camry fuel pump;car fuel pump;caravan fuel pump;carter fuel pump;carter fuel pumps;case ih;Cat Pencil Nozzle ;Cat Pencil Nozzle ;caterpillar;cav fuel injection;cavalier fuel pump;CDC/PERKINS;chem feed pump;chevrolet fuel pump;chevy truck fuel pump;CHRYSLER;cleaning fuel injection;control arm shaft;control arm shaft kit;Control Cover;control covers;Control Shaft;Control Valve;control valve chrysler;control valve india;control valve manufacturer;control valve manufacturers;control valve parts;control valve price;control valve type;controle valve;controle valves;controlled valves;controls valves;Cross Cube;Cross Disc;cross roller ring;cube cross;CUMMINS;cummins 4bt;cummins 6bt-5.9;cummins cam plate;cummins cup;cummins delivery valve;cummins diesel;cummins diesel fuel injection;cummins engine parts;cummins fuel injection;cummins fuel pump;cummins injector;cummins injectors;cummins system;cummins ve pump;CUMMINS:4BT;CUMMINS:6BT-5.9;D.Valve;dakota fuel pump;DEL. 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  • Diesel Nozzle

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Diesel Nozzle

Diesel Nozzle

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