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K-Safety Expo 2020
K-Safety Expo 2020
Date : 10.26(Mon) ~ 10.25(Fri)
Venue : Kintex, Korea
COEX Food Week 2020
COEX Food Week 2020
Date : Nov.25~Nov.28, 2020
Venue : Coex Halls A, B, C, Seoul, Korea

  • Top-Level Priority Search Listing
  • Display 500 Products & Unlimited Selling Leads
  • Premium Company Website
  • Access to Global Buyer Directory (60/day)
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  • 2nd Level Priority Listing
  • Display 200 Products and 200 Selling Leads
  • Free Company Verification Service
  • Access to Global Buyer Directory (20/day)
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EC21 is a leading global B2B marketplace connecting buyers with suppliers all over the world including China, Korea, United States and more. Suppliers/manufacturers/exporters can post and promote their products and selling leads. Buyers/importers can search and contact suppliers easily by B2B categories and keywords. Buyers can also post their own buying leads to get quotes or offers from manufacturers. Nowadays, online B2B marketplace is becoming more and more important trade tool for business to business transaction and marketing because it speeds up marketing process and saves overall transaction cost. Join the great B2B portal, EC21 and boost your business, we will always be with you!

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