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Compatible HP Universal Used Toner Chip

Min Order Quantity 100pcs /
Supply Ability 10000pcs per week
Delivery Lead Time 2days after receive the payment
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Quick Information

  • Brand Name :HTQ
  • Model Number :2613
  • Place of Origin :China


compatible toner cartridge chip
Highest quality
buttom price

each one pcs in one silver packing

compatible used for HP 13A,49A,53A toner cartridge

other brand toner chip we also can supply.

HP laser toner cartridge chip

we can supply cartridge reset chip for,xerox,lexmark,Ricoh, and so on.

HP Laserjet Pro 400 M401d 400 MFP M425dw M425dn M401dn M401n CF280A/X BK
HP M4555MFP/M602n/M602dn/M603n CE390A/CE390X BK
HP  1300/1160/1320/3390/3392/2300/2410 /2420/2430/4200/4240/4250/4350/4300/4345/2015/2014/3005/3027/3035 HP Universal A Compatible Chip Q2613A/5942A/5945A/5949A/2610A/1338A/1339A/6511A/7553A/7551A(通用A)  BK
HP 1300/1160/1320/3390/3392/2410/2420/2430/4240/4250/4350/2015/2014/3005/3027/3035 HP Universal X Compatible Chip Q2613X/5942X/5949X/6511X/7553X/7551X (通用X)  BK
HP1300/1160/1320(no data) Q2613/5949 BK
HP 1300  Q2613A/Q2613X BK
HP 1160/1320/3390/3392 Q5949A/Q5949X BK
HP 2300/2300d/2300DN Q2610A BK
HP 2410/2420/2430 Q6511A/Q6511X BK
HP 4200/4200N/4200L Q1338A BK
HP 4240/4250/4350 Q5942A/Q5942X BK
HP 4300/4300N/4300TN/4300DTN Q1339A BK
HP 4345/M4345MFP Q5945A BK
H P 2015/2015N/2015D/P2014 Q7553A/Q7553X BK
HP 3005/M3027/M3035 Q7551A/Q7551X BK
HP 4100/4100DT C8061A/C8061X BK
HP 9000/9040/9050 C8543X BK
HP M5025/5035 Q7570A BK
HP 5200/5200n/5200tn/5200L Q7516A BK
HP P1505/M1120/M1120N/M1522 CB436A(Dedicated专用) BK
HP P1007/P1008//M1136/M1213/1216 CB388A(Dedicated专用) BK
HP P1005/P1006 CB435A(Dedicated专用) BK
HP P1007/P1008/1136/1505/M1120/M1120n /M1522n/P1102/1102W/M1132/1212nf/1217nfw CB436A/CB388A Universal Compatible Chip(通用)/ U1 BK
HP 1505/M1120/M1120n/M1522n/P1005 /P1006/3018/3010/3150/P1102/1102W/M1132/1212nf/1217nfw CB435A/CB436A/CE285A Universal Compatible Chip(通用)/U2 BK
HP 2035/2055 CE505A/CE505X BK
HP P4014/4015/4515  CC364A/CC364X BK
HP LJ P3015/P3015d/P3015dn/P3015X  CE255A/CE255X BK
HP P1566/1606/M1536 CE278A(Dedicated专用) BK
HP P1102/1102W/M132/1212nf/1217nfw CE285A(Dedicated专用) BK
HP P1102/1102W/M1132/1212nf/1217nfw /P1005/P1006/3018/3010/3150/1505/M1120/M1120n/M1522n/P2030/2035/2050/2055/P4014/4014n/4015n/4015tn/4515n/4515tn/4515x/P3015/3015D/3015N/3015X CE285A/278A/CB435A/436A/CE505A/CC364A/CE255A   /U4 Universal Compatible Chip(通用A) BK
HP P1566/1606/M1536/P1007/P1008/1136 /1213/1216/1505/M1120/M1120n/M1522n/P4014/4014n/4015n/4015tn/4515n/4515tn/4515x/P2050/2055/P3015/3015D/3015N/3015X CE278A/CB388A/436A/CC364X/CE505X/CE255X /U5   Universal Compatible Chip(通用X) BK
HP Laserjet Enterprise 500 Color M551 CE400A/CE400X K
CE401A C
CE402A Y
CE403A M
HP Laserjet emterprise color M351/M375/M451/M475 CE410A/CE410X K
CE411A C
CE412A Y
CE413A M
CF031A C
CF032A Y
CF033A M
HP LaserJet Pro200/LaserJet Pro M251nw   CF210A/CF210X
HP  CP1025/1025nw/U3 (126A) CE310A K
CE311A C
CE312A Y
CE313A M
CE314A Drum
HP CM 1415fn/CP1525nw (128A) CE320A K
CE321A C
CE322A Y
CE323A M
HP 1025/2025/1415/3525/U6 CE310A/CC530A/CE320A/250A BK
CE311A/CC531A/CE321A/251A C
CE312A/CC532A/CE322A/252A Y
CE313A/CC533A/CE323A/253A M
HP1500/2500 C9700A BK
C9701A C
C9702A M
C9703A Y
HP2550/2820/2840 Q3960A BK
Q3961A C
Q3962A M
Q3963A Y
HP1500/2500 Drum  C9704A BK 
HP2550/2820/2840 Drum Q3964A BK 
HP1215/1312/1515/1518  CB540A BK
CB541A C
CB542A Y
CB543A M
HP CP2020/2025/2025N/2025DN/ 2025X/CM2320            CC530A BK
CC531A C
CC532A Y
CC533A M
HP1215/1312/1515/1518/ CP2020/2025/2025N/2025DN/ 2025X/CM2320  /U3 CB540/CC530A BK
CB541/CC531A C
CB542/CC532A Y
CB543/CC533A M
HP3600/1600/2600/2605/CM1015/1017/2700/3000/4700/4730 HP Universal Compatible Chip(通用) K/C/M/Y
HP3800/1600/2600/2605/CM1015/1017/2700/3000/4700/4730 HP Universal Compatible Chip(通用) K/C/M/Y
HP1600/2600/2605/CM1015/1017 Q6000A BK
Q6001A C
Q6002A Y
Q6003A M
HP3600/3800 Q6470A BK
HP3600 Q6471A C
Q6472A Y
Q6473A M
HP3800 Q7581A C
Q7582A Y
Q7583A M
HP2700/3000 Q7560A/61A/62A/63A K/C/Y/M
HP4700/4730 Q5950A/Q6460A BK
Q5951A/Q6461A C
Q5952A/Q6462A Y
Q5953A/Q6463A M
HP3500/3550/3700 Q2670A BK
HP3500/3550 Q2671A C
Q2672A Y
Q2673A M
HP3700 Q2681A C
Q2682A Y
Q2683A M
HP4600/4650/5500/5550                          Canon EP-85/EP-86 C9720/Q9730A BK
C9721/Q9731A C
C9722/Q9732A Y
C9723/Q9733A M
HP CP4005/4005N/4005DN                        3600CMY                                                                           CB400A BK
CB401A/Q6471A C
CB402A/Q6472A Y
CB403A/Q6473A M
HP CP6012/6015N/6015DN/6015X/     CM6030/CM6040 (Toner) CB380A BK
CB381A C
CB382A Y
CB383A M
HP CP3525/CM3530  CE250A/CE250X BK
CE251A C
CE252A Y
CE253A M
HP 9500 Toner chip C8550A BK
C8551A C
C8552A Y
C8553A M
HP9500 Drum C8560A BK
C8561A C
C8562A Y
C8563A M
HP 4020/4025/4525 CE260A BK
CE261A C
CE262A Y
CE263A M
HP CP5225/5225N CE740A BK
CE741A C
CE742A Y
CE743A M
HP CP5525 CE270A BK
CE271A C
CE272A Y
CE273A M
Samsung SCX-4200 (CHN,KOR,EXP) SCX-4200D3 BK  
SamsungML2150/2151/2152/2550(CHN,KOR,EXP))(WW) ML2150D8/ML2550DA BK  
Samsung ML-2250/2251/2252/2255 (CHN,KOR,EXP)       ML2250D3/ML2250D5     BK 
Samsung SCX-4520/4720 (CHN,KOR,EXP) SCX-4720A/SCX4720B BK  
Samsung ML-2550/2551/2552 (CHN,KOR,EXP)(WW) ML-2550DA BK  
Samsung ML-3560/3561N (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-D3560A/D3560B BK
Samsung ML-2850/2851 (CHN,KOR,EXP,EUR) ML-D2850A/D2850B BK
Samsung ML-3050/3051  (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-D3050A/D3050B  BK  
Samsung SCX-5530N/5330/5525 (CHN,KOR,EXP) SCX-D5530A/D5530B BK
Samsung ML-3470D/3471ND (CHN,KOR,EXP)(WW) ML-D3470A/D3470B BK
Samsung 6320/62206120(CHN,KOR,EXP) SCX-6320D8 BK
SamsungML1630/SCX4500  (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-D1630A/SCX-D4500A BK
Samsung ML-4550/4551 (CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-D4550A/D4550B BK
Samsung ML-4050(CHN,KOR,EXP) ML-D4050A BK
Samsung SCX-4725    (CHN,KOR,EXP) SCX-D4725A  BK  
Samsung ML-2010/4521/5100/SF560/555P/808(Fuser) ML5100 BK
Samsung SF-560R/560RC/565PR/565RN (CHN,KOR,EXP) SF-D560RA BK
Samsung SCX6345(CHN,KOR,EXP) Toner D6345A BK
Samsung SCX6345(CHN,KOR,EXP) Drum R6345A BK
Samsung ML1640K/1641K/1642K/2240K/2241K/2242(CHN,DOM,EXP,EUR)  MLT-D108S/MLT-D1082S BK
Samsung ML-2245 (CHN,DOM,EXP,EUR) MLT-D106 BK
Samsung ML-1660/1661/1665/1860/1861/1865/SCX-3200/SCX3205(EXP/EUR/DOM) MLT104S/MLT1042S BK
Samsung ML1910/1911/1915/1916/2525/2526/2580/SCX-4600/4601/4605/4606/4623/CF-650/SF651(CHN,DOM,EXP,EUR)  MLT-D105/ MLT-D1052/ MLT-D1053 BK
Samsung SCX-4824FN/4828FN/4824HN/4824HN/ML-2855ND/2853D(CHN,DOM,EXP,EUR)  MLT-D209S/MLT-D2092S BK
Samsung SCX-4300/4310/4315(CHN,DOM,EXP,EUR)  MLT-D109S/1092S BK
Samsung ML-1635/ML-3475/SCX-5635FN/5835FN(CHN,DOM,EXP,EUR)  MLT-D208S/208L/MLT-D2082 BK
Samsung ML4055/4555 (CHN,DOM,EXP,EUR)  MLT-D308 BK
Samsung ML3310/3710/SCX-4833/5637/5737(CHN,DOM,EXP,EUR) MLT-D205S/MLT-D205L BK
Samsung ML3710/SCX-5637/5737 (CHN,DOM,EXP,EUR) MLT-D205E BK
Samsung ML-2951ND/2951D/2956DW/2956/ 4705/47034729HD/4728HN/ML2950/2955 EXP/EUR/DOM/MEA) MLT-D103L BK
Samsung ML-2160/2162/2165W/2168/SCX-3400/3405 (EXP,EUR,DOM,MEA,IND) MLT-D101   NEW BK
Samsung ML-4510/5010 MLT-D307S/MLT-D307L BK
Samsung ML-5010 MLT-D307E BK
Samsung ML-3750ND MLT-305L BK
Samsung ML-5510ND/6510ND MLT-D309 BK
Samsung ML-5935FN MLT-D206L BK
Samsung CLP-500/550 (CHN/KOR/EXP) CLP-500D7K/5C/5M/5Y K/C/M/Y
Samsung CLP-510(CHN/KOR/EXP) CLP-510D7K/5C/5M/5Y K/C/M/Y
Samsung CLP300/CLX3160N/6110/2160/      2161 (CHN/KOR/EXP,EUR,US) CLP-K300A BK
Samsung CLP350/350N (CHN/KOR/EXP/EUR) CLP-K/C/M/Y350A K/C/M/Y
Samsung CLP-600/650(CHN/KOR/EXP) CLP-K600A BK
Samsung CLP-610/660(CHN/KOR/EXP,EUR) CLP-C610B C
SamsungCLP-310/315/CLX-3170/3175(CHN/DOM/EXP/EUR) CLT-409K K
CLT-409C C
CLT-409M M
CLT-409Y Y
Samsung CLP320/325/CLX3185/3285(CHN/DOM/EXP/EUR) CLT-407K K
CLT-407C C
CLT-407M M
CLT-407Y Y
Samsung CLP615/620/670(CHN/DOM/EXP/EUR) CLT-508K K
CLT-508C C
CLT-508M M
CLT-508Y Y
Samsung CLP770(CHN/DOM/EXP/EUR) CLT-609K K
CLT-609C C
CLT-609M M
CLT-609Y Y
Xerox  PE220 MFP 013R00621 BK 
Xerox  3200 113R00730 BK
Xerox 2050 X2050 BK 
Xerox PE120 MFP 013R00601/06  BK 
Xerox 3119 013R00625 BK
Xerox 3150   109R00746/747 BK 
Xerox 3450 109R00687/688 BK 
Xerox 3500    109R00748/49 BK 
Xerox 3420 106R01033/34  BK 
Xerox 3250MFP 106R01373/74 BK
Xerox 3600 (EXP/EUR) 106R01371/72 BK
Xerox 3428D/3428DN 106R01245/46 BK 
Xerox WC4118 006R01278 BK
Xerox 3300  106R01411/12 BK
Xerox 3435MFP 106R01414/15 BK
Xerox 3635 (NA/WE)/(SA/MEA/AF) 108R00793/95//108R00794/96 BK
Xerox WC M-20/20i 106R01047 BK
Xerox DP202/255/205/305  CT350251 BK
Xerox DP340A/240A CT350268 BK
Xerox DP340A CT350269 BK
Xerox 4500 113R00657 BK 
Xerox 4510  113R00712 BK 
Xerox Phaser5400 113R00495 BK
Xerox WC415/420  (CHN/EXP) 113R00023 BK 
Xerox WC518/520  (CHN/EXP) 101R00430 BK 
Xerox WC315/320 113R00489 BK
Xerox DC7700 (Drum) DC7700 BK 
Xerox DC7750 (Drum) DC7750 BK 
Xerox DC7760 (Drum) DC7760 BK
Xerox DC220/230 113R120/273/313/275 BK 
Xerox DC250/251/350/351/400/F469/401 F460 BK 
Xerox DC400/401 F449 BK
Xerox DC240/340/440(EXP/EUR) 113R315/318/321 BK
Xerox 2065/3055/(Drum) 2065 BK
Xerox DC236/286/ 336/2005/3005/2055/2007/3007(Toner) CT200417 BK
Xerox DC286/236/336/2005/3005/2055/2007 (Drum) CT350299 BK 
XEROXDC450i/550i/4000/5010(Toner) CT200719 BK
XEROX DC450i/550i/4000/5010(Drum) CT350413 BK
Xerox DC156/186/1055/1085 (Toner) CT350401 BK
Xerox DC156/186/1055/1085 (Drum) CT200285 BK
Xerox DC155/185 (Toner) Japan CT200407  BK
Xerox DC155/185 (Drum) Japan CT350290 BK
Xerox Phaser5500(Toner) 113R00668 BK
Xerox Phaser5500/5550(Drum) 113R00670 BK
Xerox Phaser5550 (Toner) 106R01294 BK
Xerox DC1080/2000/2003 DC1080 BK
Xerox WC5020/5016 101R00432 BK
Xerox  phaser 3100 106R01379 BK
Xerox  FC2121  006R01297 BK
Xerox WC M118/M118I Toner 006R01179 BK
Xerox DC123/128 Toner (EU US) (006R01182) (006R01184) BK
Xerox M118/DC123/128 Drum 013R00589 BK
Xerox M165/M175 /265/275 M165T/165D BK
Xerox  3210/3220 106R01485/486/487/499/500/ CWAA0775/0776 BK
Xerox  3210/3220 106R01485/486/487/500/ CWAA0776 BK 
Xerox C2255 CT201161/62/63/60 C/M/Y/K
Xerox 3140 108R00908/108R00909 BK
Xerox 3155/3160 108R00983/108R00984 BK
Xerox WC3550 106R01528/106R01530 BK
106R01529/106R01531 BK
Xerox DocuPrint M105b/P105b     CT201613 BK
Xerox DocuPrint M205b/P205b  CT201609 /CT201610 BK
Xerox 3010/3040/WC3045  NEW 106R02183 BK
Xerox WC 4150 Toner (EXP/EUR) 006R01275/006R01276 BK
Xerox WC 4150 Drum 013R00623 BK
Xerox WC 5222/5225/5230(Toner chip)   South America, Eastern Europe,Africa 106R01305 BK
Xerox WC 5222/5225/5230(Toner chip)          North America,Western Eruope 106R01306 BK
Xerox WC 5222/5225/5230(Toner chip)           South America, Eastern Europe,Africa 106R01413 BK
Xerox WC 5222/5225/5230(Drum chip) 101R00434/101R00435 BK
Xerox 4250 Toner 106R01410 BK
Xerox 4250 Drum 113R00755 BK
Xerox 3320 South America, Eastern Europe,Africa NEW 106R02304/106R02306  BK
Xerox 3325  South America, Eastern Europe,Africa NEW 106R02310/106R02312 BK
Xerox 3320 North America,Western Eruope NEW 106R02035/106R02307 BK
Xerox 3325  North America,Western Eruope NEW 106R02311/106R02313 BK
Xerox P255/M255 CT201920 BK
XEROX CM305df/CP305d NEW CT201632 BK
CT201633 C
CT201634 M
CT201635 Y
Xerox  DocuPrint CP105b/CP205/CM205b  CT201595 /91 BK
 CT201596 /92 C
 CT201597 /93 M
CT201598 /94 Y
Xerox 6000/6010 (NA/WE)/(SA/EE/AF)
106R01630 /106R01634 BK
106R01627 /106R01631 C
106R01628 /106R01632 M
106R01629 /106R01633 Y
Xerox 6500/6505  (NA/WE)/(SA/EE/AF) 106R01597/106R01604       BK
106R01951/106R01598             C
106R01952/106R01599 M
106R01953/106R01600             Y
Xerox 6500 (High Yield) (NA/WE)/(SA/EE/AF) 106R01594 /106R01601       C
106R01595/106R01602            M
106R01596/106R01603            Y
Xerox DocuPrint C525A/C2090A (Toner) Asia Australia CT200649 BK
CT200650 Y
CT200651 M
CT200652 C
Xerox DocuPrint C525A (Drum)  CT350390 BK 
Xerox C2535A/C253 CT200656/57/58/55 C/M/Y/K
Xerox Phase7760 Toner 106R01160 C
106R01161 M
106R01162 Y
106R01163 K
Xerox C2428 (Toner) CT200381/82/83/79 C/M/Y/K
Xerox 7400 106R01077/78/79/80 C/M/Y/K
Xerox C2428 (DURM) 106R01160/61/62/63 BK
Xerox 6110(EXP/EUR) 106R01271 C
106R01272 M
106R01273 Y
106R01274 BK
Xerox C1110/1110B CT201118 BK
CT201119 C
CT201120 M
CT201121 Y
Xerox C1110 Drum CT350604 BK
Xerox Phaser 6130(EXP/EM) 106R01278/106R01282 C
106R01279/106R01283 M
106R01280/106R01284 Y
106R01281/106R01285 BK
Xerox 6125 (EXP/ME) 106R01331/32/33/34/35/36/37/38 C/M/Y/K
Xerox 6128 (EXP/EUR) 106R1452/53/54/55/56/57/58/50 C/M/Y/K
Xerox  C2120 CT201304/05/06/03 C/M/Y/K
Xerox C1190 CT201260/61/62/63 C/M/Y/K
Xerox 6140 (EXP/EUR) 106R1477/78/79/80/81/82/83/84 C/M/Y/K
Xerox 6100 106R00676/80 C
106R00677/81 M
106R00678/82 Y
106R00679/83 BK
Xerox 6120 113R00692 BK
113R00693 C
113R00694 M
113R00695 Y
Xerox Phaser 6121 EUR 106R01466 C
106R01467 M
106R01468 Y
106R01469 BK
Xerox 6250 106R00672 C
106R00673 M
106R00674 Y
106R00675 K
Xerox 6300 106R01082 C
106R01083 M
106R01084 Y
106R01085 K
Xerox 6350 106R01144 C
106R0145 M
106R0146 Y
106R0147 K
Xerox 6360  106R01214/18 C
106R01215/19 M
106R01216/20 Y
106R01217/21 K
Xerox C6180  113R00719/113R00723 C
113R00720/113R00724 M
113R00721/113R00725 Y
113R00722/113R007/26 K
Xerox C6280  106R01400 C
106R01401 M
106R01402 Y
106R01403 K
Xerox Docuprint C2200/3300 CT350675 C
CT350676 M
CT350677 Y
CT350674 BK
Xerox C2100/3210    CT350505/06/07/04 C/M/Y/K
Xerox C3290FS   CT350568/69/70/67 C/M/Y/K
Xerox C3055/ C3050 CT200806/CT200823 C
CT200807/CT200824 M
CT200808/CT200825 Y
CT200805/CT200822 BK
Xerox DocuPrint C2255 CT201161 C
CT201162 M
CT201163 Y
CT201160 BK
Xerox DocuCentre-IV 2260 CT201435 C
CT201436 M
CT201437 Y
CT201434 BK
Xerox DocuCentre-IV 2260 Drum CT350820/CT350821/CT350822/CT350819 C/M/Y/K
Xerox C2270   C/M/Y/K
Xerox DocuCentre-II C3000 (Toner) CT200868 BK
CT200869 C
CT200870 M
CT200871 Y
Xerox DocuColor 5065  (Toner) CT200568 BK
CT200569 C
CT200570 M
CT200571 Y

Packaging & Delivery

  • Delivery Lead Time : 2days after receive the payment
  • Minimum Order : 100pcs
  • Supply Ability : 10000pcs per week

Product Image

  • Compatible HP Universal Used Toner Chip

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Compatible HP Universal Used Toner Chip

Compatible HP Universal Used Toner Chip

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