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Top Listing
EC21 provides Top Listing advertisements in keyword & category search list pages. Top Listing guarantees your listings will get top 5 ranking in keyword & category search lists, which can help you market your products to the target buyers in an outstanding way.

 Keyword Search Results
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- You need to be a registered member of EC21 to apply for Top Listing ads. If you are not a EC21 member join free now. Registration will hardly take 5 minutes.

- Top Listing guarantees you that your product will be listed within top 5 products in the search results by one keyword or one category that you applied. The rank within the top 5 products will be random.

- Please note that Top Listing is limited to 5 products per one keyword or one category and a member cannot apply for two Top Listing ads for same keyword or category.

Please contact us to know more about EC21 advertisements

We will shortly contact you and develop a comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy that fits your need for optimum advertising results.
We are also willing to work within your specific budget plan.