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Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Oxus Portable Oxygen concentraotr is intended to provide supplemental oxygen in a home, institutional, or travel environment ; delivering concentraed oxygen with up to 96 percent purity by separating oxygen from the air around us. Weiging less than 10 pounds, the device can be carried over the shoulder, or on the mobility cart for maximum convenience. Oxus Portable O2 can be powered by its internal battery or external AC or DC power supplies. Patients get the oxygen they need when and where they need it.

Portable & Dependable

Designed to be portable and dependable, the Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) has total oxygen delivery of up to 850 ml/min.,even as breath reates climbs to +30 breath per minute. With a patented floating rotary compressor, the Oxus POC is engineered for relialbility and low cost of ownership while minimizing noise and vibration.

Engineered for Superior Patient Outcomes

Designed with the users in mind, large and intuitive graphics on the easy-to-use interface speeds user training. The Oxus POC maintains fixed bolus volume over all breath rates utilizing proprietary breath detection technology to optimize oxygen delivery to the user.

Simple and Smart Design

The lightweight and rugged design is "travel tough" and operates upright or laying flat, allowing it to operate in tight places like under airline seats where other POCs do not.

(1) A compound sanitizer with a new concept of using both ozone and ultrasound waves    
(2) Simple operation and easy to use: a single button    
(3) Embedded batteries: handy to carry outside    
(4) No external power needed: reducing the risk of electric shock    
(5) It does not need power in standby mode: featuring a longer battery life    
(6) If the cleaning part is out of the water during operation, the device shuts itself down for safety.    
(7) The device shuts its power off after three minutes of operation with the
   self-timer function"    
(8) Killing harmful germs and bacteria    
(9) Removing fine dust    
(10) Removing residual pesticides    
Dimension : 315 × 91 × 54.5mm3    
Weight : 600g    
Sanitization : 99.9% (Staphylococcus aureus and      coliform bacteria : 3 minutes)    
Ozone concentration : Below 0.04ppm    
Use for :  Vegetables, fruit, baby products, baby bottles, and toys 

What are “One-Touch System” Shoes?

Tying band (tied ring) + Buckle + Stopper
-> No need to tie your laces anymore! 
Using the “One-Touch System”, you can enjoy a perfect without the need for tying laces.

Product Description

* Traditional climbing boots are inconvenient because the laces have to be tied and untied each time you wear them.
* One-Touch climbing boots remove the inconvenience of tying laces and provide optimum fit and comfort.

One-Touch System

 * Tying band – fixes length and secures ends of laces
 * Buckle – fastens and releases boots
 * Stopper – controls tightness looseness of fit

Fixed shoestring model

“One-Touch System” laces can be used with:
Any shoes that have standard working laces such as:
Hiking boots, Safety boots, Sport shoes (not soccer boots), Running shoes, Tennis shoes, Functional shoes, Children shoes, Casual shoes, Golf shoes, Firefighters’ shoes, Policeman shoes, etc.


Fixed shoestring model
For Manufacturers

  • Allows company name or brand logo to be displayed buckle.
  • Comes in a variety of fashionable buckle designs.
  • Can be applied without need to adapt manufacturing processes.
  • Is suitable for all laced footwear, such as hiking boots, sports shoes, etc.
  • Increases profits.

For Consumers

  • Fastens shoes securely, quickly and easily without the need to tie laces.
  • Provides custom fit and superior comfort by combining upper and lower lace tensioning
  • Increases safety by preventing falls caused by loose laces catching on objects.
  • Assists physically challenged hikers who have difficulty tying and loosening laces.
  • Allows feet to breathe when buckles are undone while being worn.
  • Minimizes lace wear caused by tying and loosening, extends the lifetime of laces, and saves environmental resources.

    - Avoids inconvenience of tying laces
    - Provide superior comfort
    - Offers high profitability

“One-Touch System” — the lacing system of the future
A giant step forward in shoe fastenings

This is a functional back cushion for people who spend a lot of time in chairs like office workers and students preparing for college entrance exams. It encourages correct posture and minimizes burden to the back. It can conveniently be attached and detached from all chairs, and its cover can also be detached and washed.

It currently ranks no.1 online among functional back cushions in Korea.

Functions to induce correct posture; eases burden to the back; attachable and detachable from all chairs; cover is washable; free-size.


  • Size - 40cm(width) x 35cm(length) x 9cm(thickness)
  • Material - airmesh, high elasticity sponge, a rubber band
  • Color - pink, blue, black

ACU Massage Health HOOP

    -has acu-pressure balls on the inner ring of the hoop.
  • Just ten minutes of exercise, ACU HOOP provides over 50,000~60,000 acu-pressure on your abdomen andnlower back.
  • ACU HOOP weights nearly twice as much as the original hula hoop - allows more exercise and easy to use.
  • Seven sections of ACU HOOP with One-touch connector can be assembled and disassembled easy to carry.


You can remove your Abdominal Obesity

It is possible to take off flesh pushed beyond the waist band.
Abdominal obesity means a physical status in which the body fat is intensively accumulated around the waist and the abdomen while arms and legs are still thin.

Irregular meals, drinking, smoking and insufficient exercise are main causes of abdominal obesity.
Abdominal obesity directly and indirectly lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy and heart disease. If is even more dangerous than general obesity whose measure is body weight.

By the way, what standards are applied to determine whether a person is obese in the abdomen or not .
According to obesity clinic professionals, men whose waist measure is 90cm(35 inches) or over and women, 80cm(31 inches) or over are judged having abdominal obesity.

Visceral fat and hypodermic fat are two main styles of abdominal obesity. Men tend to have fat accumulated into the viscera. While women are likely to have hypodermic fat accumulated into body parts such as the hip, resulting in a figure like a Western pear.

Relevant experts advise that the risk of cardiovascular diseases are more related with the former fat than the latter.

There are several life guidelines to remove of prevent abdominal obesity.
First of all, you always have to eat in a prescribed amount at a specific time. Being eating and overeating are all main causes of the fat abdomen.

Among many ways of resolving such physical problem. Our Acu-massage Hoop can be regarded most effective. If you train yourself with our Acu-massage Hoop between 30 minutes and an hour everyday, you would soon meet your body which are balanced, elastic and attractive without any abdominal obesity. Moving all fat parts of the body while dancing during the exercise will be most effective in making your physical figure as you really want.

The first case domestic and overseas to utilize the Ambulance character for the first aid kits (Patent applied)

  • 2013 Good Korean Character Commercialization Development Support Business Appointed (June 11, 2013 / KOCCA contract)
    : Portable First Aid Kit Case utilizing Ambulance Character Amby from 'Ray's Fire Station' character
  • It is highly useful and its portability helps in emergency situations.
  • Possible to create new in-life-character product market. 


Use the Dual Balanced Discovery III golf ball and become a winner today!!



The birth of Dual Balance alignment technology, Discovery III
Dual Balance Alignment
The putting line printed in each golf ball!
Is it really accurate? The complete putting line is only one!!


Discovery III urethane cover golf ball of Ace Golf Co., Ltd. marks the exact only on putting line existing in the golf ball by applying the patented technology sorting the perfect balance type and the center of gravity. Thus golfers who played with Discovery III golf reduced the handy more than 5 shots per 95 shots.


Shape Balance
A golf ball is no a perfect sphere.

As it can not fully finished at the junction part, it causes a banding phenomenon on the golf ball, and the banding phenomenon interferes with the direction which the ball rolls in putting.

Center of mass Balance
All golf balls are in the distortion of the center of gravity.

Golfers mistake the printed putting line for the exact one and play by taking it as the aim mark in the tee shot and putting, and on the other hand, manufacturers are aiding them to just use the putting line printed at random.

The inside of a golf ball is just as important as the outside of the golf ball How to reduce the score of Low handicap golfers.
Limitation of the production of a golf ball → it is difficult to ascertain the vertical and horizontal centre of the ball. Persistent practice, Repeated lessons + golf balls which have been align
The golf balls can fool the golf player The best points of Discovery golf balls
Even if a driver-shot is made with the correct form, the golf ball may head in an unintended direction.
Even it an accurate stroke was made, the golf ball may stray significantly from the hole cup.
Evven if there is no slant or hill when the ball is being putted, the ball may stray left or right.
Accuracy in the direction the ball heads when putted.
Definite difference in the distance by the abll when a driver-shot.
Reducing golf score by 5 times on average.

Portable X-Ray MINE

MINE, the newest portable X-ray camera, considers safety, covenience and effect of sight of operator and is lighter and more compact than conventional products!


  • Minimized latency time through the use of high frequency inverter
  • Safety of operator and patient by minimized exposure time
  • Improved image quality by reduction of ripples and phantom phenomenon through high frequency inverter
  • Comfortable use thanks to light weight and compact size
  • Real time transmission, high quality X-ray beam and stable radiation reproduction through monitoring of high voltage feedback circuit
  • Operated with internal battery power
  • Protected from battery discharge and explosion by a safety circuit
  • Over 100 exposures with fully charged battery possible
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